Lola Johnson

Nationality Ukrainian
Age 19 years old
Height 170
Bust 99
Waist 68
Hips 96
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Discovering new talent is always something fun and exciting but when we were introduced to Lola Johnson we knew that a special kind of magic was in the air. This stunning young model from Ukraine inspired us to remake the famous Grammy - winning movie Castaway, but this time, you will be watching the sultry, hypnotic Lola Johnson as she explores the sensual possibilities of being trapped alone on a desert island. Lola was born on July 18th, 2003, has long dark hair, smoldering hot dark eyes, large all - natural breasts, and curves that will make you want to be cast away with her to a desert island as well. The location is almost as stunning as Lola herself with palm trees, crystal clear blue waters, and golden sand all setting the scene. Our stunning model leads us on a journey of self - discovery along endless deserted beaches before finally, slowly unpeeling herself from a revealing one - piece swimsuit. Lola's curves and sensuality have to be seen to be believed and although this is her very first performance for Superbe, we think you'll agree that this young woman is a born natural when it comes to artistic and erotic nude performance. If you haven’t seen her debut performance in Castaway yet, head on over there today and let Lola know how much you appreciate her work and how much more you would like to see of her in the future.