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Casting Adrianna Babin
Jan 11, 2023
Adrianna Babin is one of those rare finds of authentic beauty and innocence that finds its way to an adoring audience in the world of erotic nude cinema. We discovered this sweet, incredibly sensual young woman in February of 2021 and agreed to feature her in a casting video that has become something of a legend. If you have ever dreamed about the girl next door, the sweetheart on the next floor of your office building, or the girl with the mysterious smile seen only fleetingly on the bus or train or disappearing around the corner of a busy street, then Adriana is the model for you.  Everything about this young woman screamed authentic on the day of the video shoot. Of course, everyone is a little nervous on these shoots, it's what makes them so addictive to watch and so explosively erotic when they come off right. Our day with Adriana took this whole vibe to a new level and shines through on screen. We love that she went from cute girl that catches your attention as she strolls past you on the street to massive groundswell of youthful eroticism in such a short space of time. Her long brown hair, her sweet smile, and exquisite body with petite all-natural breasts made her a vision of beauty that cries out to be captured for all time.Although the success of the shoot was rarely in doubt after the first few moments, we couldn’t have predicted how well it went on to capture that jaw-dropping blend of innocent sweetness and raw, unstoppable sensuality that eastern European women seem to have in such abundance. Take it from us, unless you are saving a life, stop whatever you are doing right now and check out Adriana’s profile, then sign up if you haven't already and make watching her casting video. You really cannot go wrong with a model as cute and irresistible as Adrianna Babin.
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Go Bad
Jan 09, 2023
Anna Lisa has that certain something that only Russian models bring to the camera. We were first introduced to her in March of 2021 and immediately knew that we had to get something on film fast before this wild bird might fly away. This led to the creation of two incredible pieces of erotic art filmed in quick succession. In her casting video her defiant, almost impatient confidence made its way onscreen in ways we couldn't have predicted while working with her in the studio. Once we had a chance to stand back and view what had been captured we were blown away. If ever there was a 21st-century, sexual Rebel Without A Cause, it had to be this girl. Anna had already been working as a fashion model, walking the runways from New York to Paris, Tokyo, and Rome, and all this incredible experience exploded when we had her in the studio. Sexy poses, seductive challenging gazes, sensuality, and self-confidence that was off the charts. Did we mention that she is drop-dead gorgeous as well? We should have because this long and lovely, elegant but raw model combines wild strawberry blonde looks with perfect petite all natural breasts, a sweetheart ass, and most of all that straight-between-the-eyes gaze that says 'I'm going to blow your mind'. The casting was so good we immediately set to making the erotic feature ‘Go Bad’ and it was everything we could have hoped for. The bondage-lite theme with strappy leather lingerie and Anna doing her thing all alone with just a single chair a camera and her impossible body was sensational, to say the least. If you haven’t checked out her profile and her work with us then you are truly missing out. Sign up today and make sure to get notified whenever Anna Lisa or any of our other gorgeous international models release a sensational new video. 
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Casting Mara Blake
Jan 06, 2023
The strikingly beautiful Mara Blake first came onto our radar in April of 2021 and the resulting video from that encounter went on to be something unforgettable in the Superbe catalog of outstanding erotic art cinema. This jaw-droppingly gorgeous model already had several years of experience as a professional fashion model at the time but was relatively new to the world of nude art performance. In the casting video, we were shocked and charmed to see this raw, wild beauty transform from that hot, sophisticated girl you are intrigued by across a function room or at a high-end party, into your sensational movie scene fantasy goddess of erotic seduction. We always love contrasts at Superbe and that's why Mara made such an incredible impression on our whole crew. Her educated, well-spoken, and cultivated bearing already pique your interest, but then the slow release of coiled-up sensuality blows you away, even more, when you see how tightly it has been controlled. Mara was instantly the mistress of her domain from the moment the cameras rolled setting everyone at ease right away. Her years of experience on the catwalks of Europe and beyond were undeniable as she strutted her elegant, lingerie-clad frame around our studio. When it came time to bare all we could see that this fashion model had always been a nude erotic model waiting to break free her whole life. This exquisite young woman was made from her beautiful long brown hair right down to her elegant toes to be enjoyed by millions of adoring fans on screen.You would be right to be intrigued if you haven't already seen Mara in action. Head on over to her profile right now and if you aren’t a member, sign up today to see her sensational casting video and many more just like it.
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Introducing Lana Lane
Jan 03, 2023
Lana Lane is a stunning young model who created her casting video with us in October of 2021. Since then she has gone on to do great things in the world of nude erotic modeling but for us, she will always be the enchanting Ukrainian beauty who disarmed us with her understated charm and wildly exciting good looks. All of our models are unique and Lana is certainly a one-of-a-kind phenomenon. At first glance, she has the hypnotizing allure of that girl you spot through a crowd on the busy commute home and wonder if you can find the right words to approach her. Once you get close up and speak to her, you realize quickly that you have struck pure gold.Even we were surprised when she unleashed her erotic wild side and the choice of lingerie for this shoot was perfect for her exquisite medium-sized all-natural breasts. The delicately laced, light blue open-cup bra showcased her curves and lines to erotic perfection. At Superbe we love models who are comfortable exhibiting their sensuality and Lana simply blew us away once she hit her stride, swaying and moving seductively to the mid-tempo beats that subtly draw you into her private world of self-exploration. Her long limbs and soft pale complexion were the perfect counterpoise to the intense slow burn of her innate sexual rawness. If every model was like Lana our job would be easy, but finding talent like hers is far harder than you might imagine. Once we had agreed on the shoot it was time to choose a backdrop. All white can be risky for some models but Lana had no problem with the intense focus a pure background like this directs onto the female form.Take the time right now to visit her profile and get to know this mind-blowing model more intimately. 
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Introducing Margo Dumas
Dec 26, 2022
Margo Dumas is the definition of sensuality. Every model who is invited to a casting or to make a film with Superbe embodies a timeless quality of her own, and although we can describe the gorgeous Margo in many ways, there can be no doubt that above all, this is a young woman in total control of her powers of seduction. We were introduced to Margo in June of 2021 and our casting director was adamant that we needed to bring this new talent in for some screen tests. Once we had her on film we knew we were going to see something special and boy did she deliver. What was to be an intro casting video soon turned into a full-on 'white box' production that showcased Margo's flawless complexion, exquisite curves, and overpoweringly seductive nature to absolute perfection. Her long dark red hair, hypnotizing gaze, large all-natural breasts, and irresistible medium-sized curved ass were only enhanced by the clean minimalist background. Margo soon took control of the situation, slowly peeling delicate black laced lingerie from her big round breasts, sliding her exquisite panties down to reveal a sculpted ‘landing strip’ shaved pussy that made us want to get down on our knees and thank the angels. It was clear that this wasn't her first time modeling for the erotic cinema scene but we like to think that her prior experience flowered at just the right moment to make this feature some of the finest work either she, or we have ever produced. If this stunning and talented model isn't on your watch list already then now is the time to head on over and check out her profile. Then make sure to sign up and bookmark the page to never miss another release from Margo and performers like her ever again.
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Casting Mia Salome
Dec 21, 2022
Mia Salome is a young woman with a truly captivating exotic look that came to us in early 2022 looking to expand her horizons in the world of online modeling. Blown away by our initial contact we made sure to schedule her for a casting video and we think you'll be just as blown away as we were when you see it. This gorgeous young model has that wonderful quality we love here at Superbe of presenting herself with undeniable qualities of innocence, sweetness, and polite intelligence only to then quickly reveal a slow build earthquake of sensuality and burning eroticism barely contained below the surface. Some of us go weak at the knees for long dark hair, Eastern looks, slim elegant limbs, petite all-natural breasts, and piercing blue eyes. If you belong to that discerning group then you are going to fall head over heels for Mia Salome. She has this look to perfection and adores showing off all of her incredible features on screen.No matter how many casting videos we create some models still always have the ability to surprise us and Mia was certainly one of these. The stunning European brunette beauty revealed a body made for erotic cinema and an innate sensuality that truly burned on camera. Some of the crew had to take five with the unexpectedly explosive content Mia effortlessly created.The goal of a casting video is to go below the surface of a beautiful woman's exterior and explore the essence of her true nature. In the case of Mia Salome what we found was a world of powerful seductive eroticism that we never could have predicted from her demure off-camera persona. If you haven’t checked out Mia’s work yet, head over to her profile right now to learn more about this incredible young lady. Act now, you can thank us later.
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Introducing Nelly Vargo
Dec 19, 2022
We first met Nelly Vargo in July of 2021 and were immediately struck with her classic, slim, sexy all-blonde, all-east European looks. We scheduled a casting video right away and the results amazed everyone and far exceeded our already high expectations for this Slovenian dreamgirl. Nelly is a photographer herself but at the time of shooting, she had very little experience in front of the camera. It's definitely not as easy as it looks which is why were so blown away by her natural confidence on film and her command of the space used to highlight her incredible sexy girl-next-door looks. The choice of background and lingerie was all calculated to add to the sexy angel effect. From the infinity-white backdrop to the delicate white lace lingerie, this was a vision of erotic heaven where even the gods themselves would find themselves subject to temptation. Nelly went from hesitant and shy young woman, experimenting in a new art form, to outgoing, body-confident goddess of quiet, powerful seduction in just a matter of minutes. We've seen this before in our casting videos but the transformation is rarely as exciting and extreme as it was in our first collaboration together.This young woman is gifted with a flawless pale complexion, perfect small, all-natural breasts complemented by the sweetest round ass, and a laid-back confidence that both disarms and arouses at the same time. From her beautiful blonde hair to her pretty little manicured toes this goddess of the Balkans is a sensual, erotic dream come true. If there’s a chance you still haven’t seen her work, head over to check out her profile right now. Sign up today and make sure you don't miss out on any new releases from erotic sweethearts like Nelly or any of the other sensational models in our catalog of the most beautiful women on earth. 
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Introducing Natali Nix
Dec 14, 2022
We were lucky to meet Natali Nix right at the beginning of her career as an artistic nude model. Back in July of 2021, she had just made up her mind to expose her natural sensuality and gift for performance to a wider audience. The stars were aligned and we were in the right place at the right time. It's hard not to develop a crush on a sweetheart as gorgeous as Natali and she certainly knows how to use this quality to incredible effect on camera. There's something about this Belarusian hottie that walks a tightrope between sexual wild child, girl next door, and total babe you want to make your own for a lifetime. Natali found her feet so quickly considering her inexperience that it almost put us off guard. The conflicting mix of shy confidence, sweet elegance, and powerful body art is confusing in all the right ways, draws in a captivated audience, and makes you want to learn more about this alluring enigma of seduction. Her long black hair, delicately tapering soft pale limbs, perfect all-natural petite breasts, and gorgeous medium-sized curved ass were showcased perfectly in her short white dress with an all-white background. Once the dress came off and Natali put on the cutest show for us in her black lace lingerie we knew we had an all-time classic casting video in the making. The leather choker necklace, black stiletto high heels, and laced bra were a combination from heaven made by the gods just for her. We loved everything about making this shoot and Natali's confidence in her own body, incredible beauty, and sensuous erotic nature gelled perfectly into the work of art that was the final result.Check out her profile to learn more about this outrageous beauty from Belarus and make sure to sign up to never miss a new release from any of our stunning models.
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Violet Femme
Dec 12, 2022
Our sensational collaboration with Instagram star and uber-sexy model and actress Violet Hart took place in February of 2021. Violet had already made a name for herself as an influencer and was just beginning to experiment with online art forms such as nude modeling and erotic film. The final result was truly unique, to say the least. A few ideas were passed around but when someone suggested ‘Violet Femme’, a play on this exquisite model's name and the perennial idea of the femme fatale, we all instantly knew we had a winner. Violet herself was totally on board and the theme of the sexually dangerous female brought out a side to her that we were lucky to capture on screen. Her wardrobe for the shoot captures the eye with soft, solid colors that naturally attract the eye. Her ultra-feminine lavender top creates a gentle, almost romantic appeal until your gaze strays down to those all-white leather thigh-high boots. The resulting explosion of overpowering erotic attraction stuns the viewer and leaves them open to her highly developed seduction techniques. The truth is that Violet is an exceptionally beautiful woman by any standards and she would barely have to lift a finger to get hearts racing. But when you add to this her wildly self-confident sexuality, her deeply erotic nature, and her innate sensuality the mix is truly explosive. Dress all of that up in elegant white lace lingerie with leather boots and even the gods would be tempted to leave Olympus for this earthly siren.If for some insane reason you haven't experienced Violet's work already, we urge you to head on over to her profile right now. Get to know this incredible young woman and make sure to sign up today so you never miss another high-quality ultra-hot release from models like this again.
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Introducing Dasha Dudko
Dec 07, 2022
You don't have to have supermodel looks to break the internet as a model with Superbe. We believe that all kinds of beauty can be equally erotic. But if you do have supermodel looks, we certainly won't turn you down for a casting video. In the case of Dasha Dudko, we almost hesitated because this young woman is so beautiful, we wondered if she would have the personality to pull off the kind of unique performance that sets Superbe models apart from the crowd. Not every beautiful girl gets cast, but boy were we wrong about this one.Dasha had us hooked from the moment she stepped into the studio. Body confidence and a belief in your own personal allure are hugely erotic, but if you combine all this with catwalk looks and an athlete's physique, the results are quite stunning. In a nutshell, this is what she brought to her performance on the day of her casting video.This goddess of old Saint Petersburg has a lite 'ethnic' look that makes you curious about where her roots may lie, but more importantly, adds a dimension to her quiet, powerful beauty that makes you helpless and unable to take your eyes off her. From the moment you make eye contact, you are drawn in by a seductive attraction that leaves you powerless before her.Her long, slim, athlete's body, attired with minimal black lace lingerie left us speechless. When she posed naked except for her bra, proudly displaying her beauty from angle after angle we felt ourselves falling slowly in love. The grand finale of this erotic cinema masterpiece left nothing to be desired with Dasha generously taking us to places that we could only have dreamt of. If you haven’t fallen for this Russian beauty already, head over to her profile right now and sign up to stay up to date with new releases from our entire catalog of stunning nude erotic models.
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Beautiful Flower
Dec 05, 2022
Anastasia Gress is everything you could ask for in a sophisticated, beautiful elegant woman of Eastern Europe. Her slim build, perfect breasts, and sense of style make her a truly exceptional model and in her stunning feature, Beautiful Flower, her skills as an erotic art nude actress shine through. The theme for this short film is the countryside and matching the allure of a beautiful woman to the beauty of nature. The scene opens with Anastasia strolling through the countryside and finding her way to a meadow in full bloom with delicate white flowers that mirror the color of her tastefully revealing white dress.If you’re like us and you have a thing for gorgeous Ukrainian women lost in a wonderland of dreams and then you are going to fall in love with this vision of subtle erotic fantasy. Anastasia slowly gathers flowers, enjoying the perfect summer’s day and slowly revealing to us her deep, burning sensuality. The backing track of mellow modern American guitar and folk allows Anastasia to slowly show us everything she has, from her perfectly shaved pussy to her gorgeous curved ass and delicious medium-sized all-natural breasts lovingly caressed by the soft sunlight of a sleepy afternoon. As the video progresses our dreamgirl finds her way back home and takes us deeper into the erotic experience. Loving attention is given to her breasts and pussy as her long manicured fingers explore ever deeper and always at the same slow hypnotic place. The gradual build to climax in this short piece will blow your mind and leave you dying to see more from this exquisite young woman. If you haven’t seen any of Anastasia’s work yet, take the time and head on over to her profile and picture gallery right now to get to know her better. You won’t regret it.
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Hollywood Dreams
Nov 28, 2022
Kate Cross has the sweetness of an angel, the heart of a true Hollywood wild child, and the seductive powers of a supernatural being. We uncovered this hidden gem of talent in May of 2022 and knew we had to move fast to capture all of that irresistible untamed energy on camera before it slipped through our fingers. The end result is truly something to behold. The working title was always ‘Hollywood Dreams’ but we knew we had hit on something essential to Kate's true nature right away so we decided to keep it for the final release. America is the land of the free and has always welcomed people from all across the globe so this was a match made in erotic cinema heaven. What was an unformed idea quickly took form as we let Kate be Kate and do her thing out along the golden sands of the iconic Venice Beach, the setting for so many movies and movements from the freedom-loving 1960s on. All we had to do was follow those hot shorts and perfect ass as she cycled her way down the boulevard. We made sure to get a shot of this exquisite blonde beauty in front of the famous Hollywood sign but of course, the truth is that this movie was always going to end up indoors in a classic tinsel town apartment where big dreams are dreamed and deals are made. Kate effortlessly captures the crazy, innate, raw, and seductive sexuality of the world's most infamous movie town. The private show she created for the final scene set our pulse racing and was a turn-on for the entire production team. This short film is a must-see if you love erotic nude cinema and are nostalgic for the great movie eras of Hollywood. Check out Kate’s profile today and make sure to subscribe so you never miss another release.
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