Scarlet Hansen

Nationality Ukrainian
Age 23 years old
Height 160
Bust 86
Waist 58
Hips 88
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Scarlet Hansen is originally from Ukraine, her earliest jobs were for department stores and advertisements, but even at that early age she admired nude models she saw in the pages of a model magazine. At 18 she did her first nude shoot, and soon after it became the focus of her work. She has been especially popular for body art modeling where she is nude and covered in paint. She has already travelled to over 20 countries for her modeling including Mexico and Africa. Scarlet is an adventurous girl, and loves the adrenaline rush of extreme sports. She told us that she feels the same thrill from nude modeling too. You may also notice her tattoos. She has designed all her tattoos and even applied many of them herself. And even though she sounds like a girl with a wild side, one of her favorite activities is cooking for her dearest friends.