Hayli Sanders

Nationality Ukrainian
Age 25 years old
Height 156
Bust 76
Waist 63
Hips 88
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
23 year old Hayli Sanders looks sweet and innocent, but actually she is an experienced erotic model. She has appeared in dozens of softcore and lesbian photo and video shoots for many different sites. Sometimes when a model already has a successful career in erotica it can come with a bit of a attitude, but not with Hayli. She is a sweet and relaxed girl who loves what she does, and is a joy to be around. Fun fact, Hayli is REALLY into motorcycles! She owns two and is part of a motorcycle club in her home city. She is riding every single day, and even goes on long trips and tours on the weekends. There is nothing more bad ass than a girl in leathers riding a motorcycle!