Elsa Lind

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Elsa Lind
Birth Date
Sep 6, 1997
Birth Place
Body Type
Tits Type
Small Natural Tits
Ass Type
Medium Ass
You probably wouldn't guess it based on her icy cool beauty, but Elsa describes herself as a full blown "nerd". She's a serious gamer, buries herself in fantasy books and movies on the weekends, and loves live action role playing and anime. But nerd bonafides aside, she is also a beautiful model with piercing blue eyes and a great body. She is half Swedish and half Russian, and a travel lover too. She lived in Tokyo as a model, and travelled all over asia and europe. Though she spends most of her time in Russia these days, she is excited to visit Mexico and Brazil as soon as she can. Elsa has never posed nude before, but we are guessing she's got a sexual side as her nipple is pierced with a bar that says "Cum Here". Yes please!