Dasha Dudko

Nationality Ukrainian
Age 24 years old
Height 170
Bust 83
Waist 58
Hips 83
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Dasha Dudko is a aspiring model from Saint Petersburg, Russia. She has been a serious athlete for most of her teen years, and though she dreamed of modeling she never had time to really pursue it. But now that her days as an athlete are in the past she can finally begin experimenting with all types of modeling. She has done some fashion catalogs and magazines, but erotic modeling was something on her mind. She had never been nude on camera before her casting with us, but she told us she really enjoyed the experience and can't wait to do more. Her hobbies and interests are relatively simple... hanging out with friends, exercise, travel... but she is really excited to try some things she never had the chance to before. Surfing, acting, painting.. the list goes on. And if that isn't enough, one day she hopes to visit the USA and drive a motorcycle across the country.