Cira Nerri

Nationality Ukrainian
Age 27 years old
Height 175
Bust 83
Waist 63
Hips 91
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Cira Nerri is a talented young actress who is relatively new to the adult entertainment scene. Embodying the classic girl - next - door look, don't be surprised if you start to develop feelings for this extraordinarily hot model once you've discovered her work. Born on June 1st, 1995, Cira is from Ukraine, has a slim build, perfect small natural breasts, and a curved ass that could have been shaped by angels. Her Mediterranean complexion and deep brown eyes add to her soulful looks and will leave you speechless. This ambitious young woman is the star of two Superbe features that you should make it your priority to check out. In Cabin Retreat you will find yourself alone with your dream girl in a cabin in the woods. Cira's exotic looks and girl - next - door playfulness make this a retreat unlike any other you have ever experienced. Perfect Day is a dream sequence of exquisite imagery that draws you into the private world of a next - level beauty with the innocence of a playful friend. Cira knows exactly what she is doing as she leads her you literally up the garden path, to deliver an artistic, erotic experience that is simply unforgettable. When she isn't breaking hearts and capturing adoring new fans on screen, Cira is an outdoors girl who loves to stay fit and runs her own exercise classes. She plans to open her own fitness studio so check out her work today before she becomes too busy managing her business empire to make more artistic nude features!