Amelie Lou

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Amelie Lou
Birth Date
Oct 27, 1997
Birth Place
Body Type
Tits Type
Small Natural Tits
Ass Type
Medium Ass
We first noticed Amelie Lou on social media. We were drawn to her sexy and artistic vibe and when it comes to erotica, there's nothing more stunning than a beautiful girl with a creative spirit. She is a stunning petite model with a classic style, big soulful eyes and a natural firm body. Her look is only a small part of what makes her attractive. She's a perfect "hot girl" dichotomy.... sweet and innocent on one side, and super sexual and crazy on the other. At an early age, she left her small town in Ukraine to study in Paris. To make ends meet she worked in a sex shop after school where she was introduced to the world of erotica. She soon began modeling both for fashion clients and nude photographers while exploring her sexual awakening. She has blossomed into one of the hottest erotic models out there, and she is always excited to show off in front of the camera and make beautiful art videos and photos for her fans. She even has her own website, so if you want to really get to know her be sure to check her out there too.