Alice Malyshko

Nationality Latvian
Age 21 years old
Height 170
Bust 83
Waist 58
Hips 91
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Alice Malyshko is a hot model that comes from Latvia, but spends most of her time across Western Europe.. from France to Germany, she is traveling often for modeling, and also just for the experience. She loves being in other cultures and meeting new and interesting people. She loves horror movies and dreams of one day writing her own horror screenplays and books. Though she only started erotic modeling recently, she has always been a fan of porn. It's a visual turn on for her of course, but she also loves the psychological and emotional aspects of erotica too. She told us she feels empowered by creating something that will touch people in such a sensual and personal way. We think most everyone would love to be touched by Alice!