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27 years old
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Small Natural Tits
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Medium Ass
Ukrainian model Aislin has an extensive portfolio of work in the erotic industry. By our count she has appeared in over 500 scenes across dozens of websites and magazines. With experience like that we were excited to meet her and learn a little more about this sexy beauty. She is originally from Ukraine and travels frequently around Europe for her work with film crews and photographers. She loves to travel and one of her most memorable experiences was appearing in a live winter dance show in China that was set in a building made of ice. She is into all kinds of modeling, but her favorite is beautiful erotic photography and video where she can show off her sensual side and turn on the viewer, without being crude or nasty. She is a relaxed person who loves to lead a simple and quiet life when she is not working. Most often you will find her at home cooking or reading, or spending time with friends in a cafe. If you want to impress her, she says she is really attracted to both men and women who are kind and sweet. Even though she is a quiet person in her everyday life, she still considers herself wild sexually and loves to try new things in the bedroom. We have a feeling that Aislin and SuperbeModels will be a match made in heaven!